Creating a Powershell/Powercli Menu

Lately with some of the build work I have been doing I have been on a tare automating some of the tasks that I repeat. The team I work with will be in the vmware environment doing some of the same task. So, instead of creating a folder to share these scripts, I decided to create a tool to help. After doing some research on creating a menu with powershell I decided to create my own. Only this menu will have different scripts to choose from. The sample below is a screenshot of the script;

The top section of the script is the output on the screen of the menu selection. The middle section is where the functions are stored. The bottom section is a do/until loop to keep the menu open until the “Q” is pressed. At that point the menu closes. I will post more as the menu becomes more complete. Here is what the menu looks like on screen.

One thing to keep in mind when creating something like this.All the scripts or functions in this case have to be completely user friendly.These in the current menu ask a lot of question to populate variables. This makes them work on any environment.  I will post the code once the menu is complete.