How to Add Disk Space to the 6.7 vCenter Appliance

While going through my alerts in vRealize Operations I noticed that I had an alert for the vCenter Appliance saying that I had a drive running out of disk space. See the alert below;

Since this was the first time I have run into this on the vCenter Appliance I did a quick search and quickly found a KB article on how to do this. I will post a link below to that KB article. Here is the process of extending a drive on the vCenter appliance.

First, SSH into the appliance and log in as root. after successful login type shell to enable the shell

Next, run the following command to verify which disk is experiencing disk capacity issues, then trace which SCSI ID will show in the VM edit settings menu;

df -h; lsblk; lsscsi

see output below

As you can see from the images the drive /storage/archive is at 91% capacity. We use the second image to figure out which disk to expand. The /storage/archive mount point is named sdm. The sdm is located on disk 13. So lets expand disk 13.

Log into the vSphere client and find the vCenter appliance then edit settings, in my case I located disk 13 and added space.

Once the disk expansion is complete, lets go back to the SSH session on our vCenter. Run the following command automatically expand any logical volume that had new space added.


As we can see towards bottom of the image. The drive has been expanded.

Finally lets do one last verification that the disk has been expanded. Use the following command;

df -h

Looks like the disk expanded as expected. The drive is now at 45% capacity.

So that is it, we successfully expanded the drive on the vCenter appliance. Hope you found this article useful. The last thing to do is post a link to the KB article that documents the process. The process that I used in this article was done using BASH. The KB lists this process along with the process for using the Appliance Management CLI. The choice of method is up to you.

Thanks for reading!!